Story of Lavender BnB Farm in Sonoma, California...

This farm was founded in 2018 and was a desolate baren land with an old neglected home on the property. The feeling of the property was that it needed alot of love and care that it at one time had. So we partnered up with a crew of diligent and skilled workers that helped us restore the home into a modern farm house beauty with a beautifully curated lavender garden that we wanted to include as the main flower of the farm. We kept most of the native plants, cacti, fig, olive and apple trees and added some peach trees and other butterfly & bee attracting pollinating flowers. After that we adopted animals to help us cultivate the land and keep up with the maintenance of weeds organically.

We had come from suburbia life with no experience whatsoever with farming and did the best we can to fill our brains with as much info to prepare us to be the best animal keepers. But nothing prepares you better than hands-on experience with the animals themselves. We came to love our animals and farm life despite all the challenges that come with it and wanted to share them with visitors. Hence we opened up the Farm Tour and Golden Hour photo sessions to be able to share our beautiful therapy animals with friends so the can create amazing memories they can cherish for years to come. These services have brought joy to countless visitors but also helps generate proceeds to continue to improve the farm and quality of life for our furbabes. Thank you so much for your kind support of these precious creatures.

Below you will be able to meet some of our farm crew.


From Portugal, foodie, Lavender BnB Farm co-manager, Airbnb Superhost, travel enthusiast, fur dad, designer, builder & chef.


Marketing & management consultant at Lavender BnB Farm, World traveler, foodie, animal & nature enthusiast, designer, certified essential oil coach & holistic fur momma who loves capturing moments on camera.

Lavender BnB Farm Crew


Napoleon (film actor)

Pedro (film actor)

Maverick (AB)

(blue eyed) Ridley



Davina & Clarity


GRACE (goddess of love)






Hopper & Dusty



Begonia & Blossom




Fenrir "Fen"